Financial & Accounting Software Development


Small and big businesses have to deal with a large amount of financial information, cash assets and manage financial transactions on a daily basis, regardless of the sector they operate in. In order to accelerate this process and reduce the costs companies take advantage of accounting and financial software, which allows them to manage their financial assets in a more efficient way. Enterprise Accounting software helps maintain company records for product sales and analysis and provide password protected authentication to prevent from unauthorized data access. Inventory software allows you to improve inventory levels, automate billing process and sales/purchase analysis for making good relationships with customers.

Rigel Networks is the most trusted and reliable source for Finance and Accounting Software for clients across the world. We have proficient financial accounting software developers who have deep knowledge and expertise in enterprise software development. We provide cost-efficient, outstanding and premium quality business management software.

Our Financial & Accounting Software Development Expertise

  • Inventory & Payroll Management
  • QuickBooks Application Integration
  • Audit Reports
  • Loan Process Management
  • Dashboard Management
  • Business Report Generation
  • Alert Management
  • Budgeting & Taxation
  • Credit Information Management
  • Asset Management

Why should you consider Rigel for Financial & Accounting Software Development?

  • Daily work report to clients.
  • Dedicated accounting software developers with deep knowledge and expertise in related technologies.
  • Prompt project delivery with highest quality.
  • Reduced costs and better customer service.

Client Scenario

One of our clients based in US was looking for an accounting management software for their hospitality and restaurant client. Maintaining the standards necessitates the use of state-of-the art technical assistance in order to remain ahead of the curve. Reporting on daily basis is tedious and time consuming. Therefore, our client needed one-stop solution to these problems.

Rigel Proposition

After analyzing client’s current scenario, Rigel proposed a management software that could help the client to manage their accounting process and other business activities.

Actual Implementation

Rigel Networks was involved in the project since inception of requirement gathering till implementation of the project. We provided a hospitality management software to manage all business activities. The software included various modules like user management, payroll management and accounting, automated data import for revenues, budgeting and reporting. We suggested the most appropriate technology and architecture which translated into drawing Architectural, Database and Low-Level Design specifications. Rigel was also involved in designing the testing process by having documented test strategy, Unit Test cases, and Integration test cases.

The application also had auto import data facility which read data from files placed at remote locations. Rigel also suggested a dashboard to display important statistical data related to hospitality industry. We developed a feature to migrate certain data from QuickBooks accounting software to the application. A dynamic reporting was designed for the project to have various report related to revenue, payroll, inventory, etc.


  • Hotel Budgeting System: Manage budget that comprises of Room/Revenue Market Segment, Payroll, Housekeeping and Food & Beverage Payroll.
  • User Role Management: Check Box functionality used to select particular company for activating, deactivating and deleting any record from the grid. Email address Column displays email address of the user in the grid. Role Column displays the role of a particular user such as administrator, client, customer, payroll, etc.
  • Payroll Management: Automatically calculate payroll Leave Type and deductions based, compensation based on the data entered.
  • Auto Alerts Management: Created alerts like SMS and Email for revenue, payroll, F&B etc.
  • Import/Export feature for Payroll, Revenue, etc.: Entry form module available which has two sub modules- manage forms, entry forms.
  • Food & Beverage Management: This includes F&B outlet, F&B division, F&B services, F&B Category.
  • Chart of Account: Users can select check boxes from the list of global chart of account and click on selected account to assign for selected company.

Client Advantages/ROI

  • Increased Sales.
  • Easy-to-use and accessible budgeting system.
  • Provided a complete solution for payroll analysis.
  • Due to extensive and large scale reports for hotel’s daily, monthly and yearly need of data, customers could get all required reports on single click which leads to quick information availability.
  • Reduced costs and better customer service.
  • Business decision makers are able to increase their profitability and efficiency.

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