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With the right software, an enterprise can quickly solve its most perplexing challenges and nimbly serve its most demanding customers. Rigel Networks is a full cycle software development company that delivers quality software and development services using best practices in business process analysis and modelling and world-class development techniques. We have expertise in comprehensive software, custom solutions and tools development which help small and medium enterprises in business process automation, increasing employee efficiency, ROI and reducing costs.

Rigel is a highly capable provider of enterprise software development services that includes enterprise messaging and collaboration, server and application virtualization, enterprise content management, data warehouse development, and service-oriented architecture design and development. With an immense industry experience, as well as thorough knowledge in various Microsoft technologies, our collaborative team of business strategists and enterprise application developers can cater for any enterprise solution, irrespective the nature of client’s industry.

Our Enterprise Software Development Expertise

We have successfully developed, customized, integrated and maintained enterprise solutions in following categories:

  • Custom Enterprise Software Development
  • CRM Software Customization and Development
  • GP Software Customization and Development
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Financial & Accounting Software Development
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Application Development
  • Cloud based Application Development
  • Social media Application Development
  • Native Mobile Application Development
  • Cross platform Mobile Development Services
  • Mobile Game Development
  • Designing, Developing and QA testing Applications
  • Enterprise Intranet & Extranet Web Portal Development
  • Document Management Software Development

Why should you consider Rigel for Enterprise Software Development?

  • Considerable years of industry experience as well as thorough knowledge in various Microsoft technologies.
  • We believe in delivering enterprise software solution that improves productivity and efficiency of any organization.
  • Collaborative team of business strategists and enterprise application developers who are experienced and skilled.
  • We have stern development methodology that enable us to deliver the project on-time and on-budget.
  • Help increase shareholder value and provide better customer service.
  • Provide High performance and robust enterprise applications.

Client Scenario

A US-based IT Services Company needed a systems management tool/software to be able to work with all departments within the company, starting with the Sales Department to the Billing Department while also being able to hold inventory count. They also wanted to capture real time updates and historical records for customers, technicians and vendors.

Rigel Proposition

The client was using traditional and primordial technology for their business. This technology has many limitations like web access, lower speed, internal automation, UI (User Interface) problems and many more. The client was not having a proper system to manage all departments within the company premises. There was a lack of one stop solution for managing all the business activities of the company. Therefore Rigel proposed an enterprise software to be built for the client’s purpose.

Actual Implementation

Rigel Networks provided an enterprise systems management software for keeping track of all departments within the company. This software includes customer web access so that the customers and employee can collect real time updates, gain access to special reporting, as well as view historical work orders. The software incorporates technician web access so that the technicians can capture real time updates, accept available work orders, view payment history and details, gain access to special reporting, have the availability to maintain their employee profile, as well as view historical data. And it also provides a vendor web access system so that vendors can reverse bid on client’s needed parts, import invoices and credits, view payment history and details, and gain access to special reporting.

Overall Features:

  • Web Access: Technicians, Vendors and Clients can access and enter the data from anywhere anytime.
  • Integrated with SQL Server 2008: Customer can fetch the data, can create own customized forms and manipulate the data.
  • Better UI: More user friendly interface that ease the employee’s, technician’s and vendor’s job.
  • Work Flow Management: Internal Automated Entries for the Work Order Process.
  • Technician Management: Technical can see assigned work order, status of their payment and more.
  • Logistic Management: Automated Ware House, Inventory and Stock and Rack Management modules.
  • Vendor Management: Check updates of inventory from thirty vendor and vendor can store payment on wallets.
  • Auto E-mail Configuration: Clients, Vendors and Technicians get auto generated e-mails for their locations.
  • IVR Module: Technicians get IVR calls from System.
  • Dashboard Management: All the agents, employees and client have their own dashboard for follow-ups and schedule.
  • Auto Generated Reports: Daily, weekly and monthly reports have built automated with schedules so management doesn’t have to wait for the reports.
  • Customized Reports: Our experts had built customized reports as per the requirement of the client.

The technologies that we used for this project are ASP.Net 4.0, EDMX, Javascript, Lync, SQL Server 2008, SSRS, JQuery, Telerik, Enterprise Library, GMAP, FedEx, QR Code Generator, and Custom Textbox.

Client Advantages/ROI

  • Web-based software – System Mobility.
  • Customized forms – betterment of service.
  • User friendly UI – betterment of system.
  • Automated Logistic Management – save lot of time of the employee and will result into monetary savings.
  • Automated Technician Management- reduce paper work for test, technician can give test online and get result instantly, real-time updates for work order.
  • E-mail Automation – 0 chances of errors will increase the efficiency of the system and less clutters.
  • Work Flow Automation – increase the efficiency of work management and also effective, better and timely service to the customers which will increase the customer satisfaction.
  • IVR Automation – will help the client to make calls in timely manner and also sends reminders to the technicians for their service calls.
  • Dashboard Management – all the associated parties will get their own dashboard for meeting, schedules and follow-ups, less chances for any type of miscommunication.
  • Report Automation – 0 possibilities of errors in reports, which will give 100% accurate information to the client and they can gauge and predict the future flow.

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