Mobile Enterprise Application Development


Rapid growth in the use of smartphones and tablets has led to a surge in mobile enterprise app development for businesses. No matter which industry or platform, Rigel has the proven expertise to deliver robust, enterprise mobile solutions and by enabling your employees to make smarter, faster decisions, your enterprise realizes results. We understand the criticality of time in enterprise application development. Our enterprise app developers have nailed down our processes right down to the last pixel to always deliver complex apps across domains and on time. We have the right experience to contribute to your mobile success.

We offer you with the most efficient mobile enterprise app development & business app development services where we develop Business Apps for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone & BlackBerry. Our mobile application development includes location based services apps, social networking for mobiles, M-commerce, mobile security, bar codes, QR codes, etc. We have also helped companies with a wide range of mobile enterprise applications across use cases from mobile CRM and sales enablement to enterprise mobile security.

Our Mobile Enterprise Application Development Expertise

  • Mobile Application Frameworks & Applications Design and Deployment
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Mobile Application Migration
  • Mobile cross-platform Software Development
  • Integration of Mobile Solutions to Enterprise Systems
  • Porting Applications across various mobile platforms
  • Third Party Integration
  • Offshore Mobile Application Development along with maintenance & product support services
  • Mobile Payment Gateway Integration
  • Integrate Mobile Apps with CRM & GP
  • Integration with cloud hosted Microsoft Exchange Online

Why should you consider Rigel for Mobile Enterprise Application Development?

  • The objective behind our mobile app development services is to ease and decrease employer’s downtime, improve the overall procession, and deliver a better ROI to our client’s businesses.
  • Rigel specializes in building cross-platform solutions so that employees, partners and customers are seamlessly and securely connected to your existing infrastructure — regardless of the technologies involved.
  • We can help bring your distributed teams closer together, providing them with direct access to organizational data, customer details and actionable information.
  • We specialize in developing compelling applications for businesses and consumers with rich user experiences and intuitive interfaces.
  • Rigel’s mobile enterprise solutions will increase workflow efficiency, process improvement, and overall business productivity.
  • We have experience of developing applications across platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.
  • Rich expertise in mobile development allows us to create enterprise apps for any business sector.

Client Scenario

One of our clients wanted the database for all the attendees who attended different events, seminars, tradeshows etc. to be available in iPhones, iPads, Android and BlackBerry. They could not access leads database for all different events and if they get the leads, it took long time to get complete database within time. It was tedious and time consuming to gather the data. Even there was a lack of feature that could make the exchange of information between exhibitors and attendees easier. There were no better devices to consume content and trade shows have never been more content rich.

Rigel Proposition

After analyzing the client’s current scenario, Rigel proposed an enterprise application that can ease the access of all the attendees’ database and offer complete functionality.

Actual Implementation

Rigel provided such applications on their iPhones, Android as well as BlackBerry phones through which client is able to get all leads details for different events. It’s a new and better way to collect data and exchange information. Using these apps, exhibitors can capture, qualify and manage tradeshow leads anywhere with the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android phones. They are able to capture sales leads anywhere, anytime by entering a badge ID # or by scanning a QR code, if present.

Using this application, one can add action items and notes to leads and run real time lead analysis reports. Exhibitors can follow up instantly with tradeshow leads gathered with a text, email or phone call and send updates right from the tradeshow floor to headquarters, customers and prospects. This application is backed up and synched on a secure website and offers complete functionality – even when there is no internet connection. Besides this which there can be a possibility of exchange of information between the exhibitors and the attendees for any particular event been attended.

Client Advantages/ROI

  • The most useful apps for trade show event planners.
  • The app is easier and less expensive compared to other lead retrieval products.
  • One can download the leads right away and gather leads anywhere.
  • It gives better data about leads and one can access those leads right away online.
  • Wraps long survey questions and answers instead of being truncated.
  • Wraps long follow-ups instead of being truncated.
  • Also by using the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in conjunction with cloud computing, the applications also eliminates the friction (shipping costs, staffing, capital investment, maintenance and availability) generated by dedicated lead retrieval terminals.
  • Benefits exhibitors, attendees, organizers, registration contractors and even sponsors.
  • Smart marketers are able to cater to attendees with tradeshow mobile solutions.

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