Document Management Software Development


Document management controls the life cycle of documents in your organization — how they are created, reviewed, and published, and how they are ultimately disposed of or retained. Rigel provides enterprise content and document management software to a vast array of companies in different lines of businesses. Our document management software solutions will bridge gaps between your applications and your business requirements while enhancing your overall experience. Our document management system is flexible enough to allow you to tightly control a document’s life cycle, fits your enterprise’s culture and goals, and also to let you implement a more loosely structured system that better suits your enterprise.

With the help of our extensive expertise in data management software development we create robust and modular solutions which support flexible user rights and complex document management work flows. Each data management system works for multiple companies within a large business enterprise or for several departments within a single company at the same time and fully automates all enterprise content management needs.

Using SharePoint, your people can set up websites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions. Rigel Networks provides custom SharePoint solutions for making their clients realize the full abilities and features of this tool which will aid in the better functioning of their organization. We provide end-to-end Microsoft SharePoint consulting services to companies with varied business requirements.

Our Document Management Software Development Expertise

  • Comprehensive Document Imaging Services
  • Information Management
  • Advanced Record Management Software
  • Document Management Solutions
  • Discovery and Litigation Support
  • Workflow management

Why should you consider Rigel for Document Management Software Development?

  • We assist companies to create and integrate structured as well as unstructured data within single solution so that they can perform/work more efficiently and effectively.
  • We provide you with document scanning and management software which helps to store the images of all the documents.
  • Our document management software provides you with complete control over various e-documents like spread sheets, graphics, and word processing documents etc. that are created in the system.
  • We offer affordable prices without compromising on quality.
  • Ease of use and 24 hours support from our experts.
  • Our document management software also allows the user to create or modify the document from any remote system.
  • We make every possible effort to ease your entire concept of data access, store, sharing and retrieval easy and comfortable to use.
  • We are Microsoft Certified SharePoint Specialists.

Client Scenario

One of our clients wanted an application that can ease their document management process and can also automate the workflow related from sales to invoicing. The manual process of documentation was time consuming and there was not a uniform way of maintaining all the tasks in one single system. There was no way of having full access to all documents to everyone in the company. Even the users didn’t have any source through which they could interact internally.

Rigel Proposition

Looking this scenario, Rigel proposed a document management software that could ease their business process and remove the manual process that consumed time and resources.

Actual Implementation

Rigel was involved with design and development of such product. Frizzed requirements were provided by customer with detailed documentation. Rigel development team has designed and developed solution to support business needs and features required in the product. We helped in keeping a track of resources in multiple language. We designed PDF conversion algorithm and converted PDF with high resolution images for MS office documents. We also integrated a chat feature and designed icalendar event integration that could be displayed in this application. We used ASP.Net, C#, SQL 2008, EASYPDF, icalendar (Google Calendar), Google Docs, Cute Chat technologies for this particular project.

Client Advantages/ROI

  • Improved the productivity of office workers by lowering day-to-day paper work in a uniform way by maintaining all the task of office in a central system.
  • Users can create a document/task, can forward documents to their colleagues, share the document by giving limited rights as read-only or can give full access to the document.
  • User can also keep track of documents.
  • Document security is provided by giving different rights to that document.
  • The application also provided a chat feature in which users can chat internally and they can interact with each other easily.

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