Cloud Based Software Development


Cloud-based applications, also called cloud apps, are software offered to users by Cloud providers in the form of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Regardless of your industry, and whether you have 2 employees or 2,000, there are Cloud apps for every business type. Having Cloud based applications developed have a various advantages for businesses over the traditional way of Process Automation Services Solutions.

Most Cloud-based applications require minimal IT knowledge and are set up for you by the Cloud provider. Our cloud based app development team ensures that our clients make the best advantage of cloud connectivity and maintains the growth and development consistently. By means of using the apps that we develop, our clients are able to manage and connect groups like, their clients, customers and associates. Rigel will build your projects with the scalability, easy maintenance and flexibility you want. Our cloud application development services are perfectly placed to help you reduce costs, improve performance and increase efficiencies. We design and develop custom applications that are built to harness the power of the cloud. Our cloud application development services go hand-in-hand with your idea right from the start until the end, that is, from the design to the implementation and even support. This gives you an edge over your competitors, and gives us the same, too.

Our Cloud Based Application Development Expertise

  • Custom Apps Development using cloud platform
  • Web Sites & Portal Development using cloud platform
  • Operational Support and ERP Development
  • Migrating non-cloud applications to cloud platform
  • Efficient Application Management using cloud
  • SAAS Application Development
  • AWS based Application Development
  • Windows Azure Application Development

Why should you consider Rigel for Cloud Based Application Development?

  • Gain an integrated view into your public cloud solution, including not just the application itself but also the underlying infrastructure, platform level services, as well as higher and third party SaaS capabilities.
  • Use our cloud-based monitoring and management services to proactively gather input from multiple sources and generate insights.
  • Extend and integrate enterprise policies and processes to your public cloud solutions to ensure maximum control and efficiency.
  • Monitor and support application on an ongoing basis.
  • You can hire an expert dedicated Cloud Application Developer or Cloud Development Team at Rigel for your custom Cloud application development project.

Client Scenario

One of our U.S. based client from Hospitality industry was using an on premise e-mail system from Microsoft in a distributed architecture with server in each location. They were keenly aware that continuously adding servers and sending large files around the network did not provide the flexibility and efficiency needed for the business strategy, and adopting cloud computing might be the solution. It was also difficult, time consuming and expensive to handle existing servers.

Rigel Proposition

After analyzing client’s current scenario, Rigel proposed legacy migration to office 365.

Actual Implementation

Our Cloud experts have migrated from Microsoft SharePoint 2007 to Microsoft Office 365. We have deployed Office 365 in different stages, as the client has offices in different geographical locations.

Client Advantages/ROI

  • Reduced overall Operational Costs.
  • Centralized Management: Our client doesn’t have to maintain individual server for their different locations, which has ease the server management work. It has also saved time and money for managing the different servers.
  • High Scalability and Flexibility: Office 365 is very flexible and scalable, now client can just add or remove users as they need.
  • Improved Mobile Productivity and Collaboration: Microsoft Office has mobile access feature, now client can access information and communicate at any time and on any device from anywhere.
  • Robust Security.

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