About Us


Rigel Networks is a globally growing IT Services and Software Solution provider to small and medium businesses. We are an End-to-End IT Services Company. Our services span across technology consulting, outsourcing, remote infrastructure management, software re-engineering and integration, web development, mobile applications development, virtualization and cloud.

Rigel can mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help clients improve their performance. Customers rely on us to ensure efficient, effective IT operations and programming from conceptualization to execution of ideas and concepts. We have completed projects for companies in various industries, including Hospitality, Financial Services, Home Healthcare, Jewelry, Roofing, Retail, Entertainment & Leisure etc. Our services, expertise, business processes and resources have evolved to add value to our customers and to their customers as well. Our credibility and accountability ensures professionalism and delivery of profitable solutions.

Enterprises are challenged to rapidly implement new business models and to quickly adapt IT infrastructures to serve new business needs. We at Rigel Networks help them by developing Enterprise Applications which accommodates all challenges and increases efficiency of entire organization. If you want to build enterprise applications in quick time and without getting into the expensive process of hand coding, then Rigel Networks can help you achieve your goal on-time and under-budget using its ready-made software modules.

With our Enterprise Application services, you can stay ahead to your competitors as our specialists deploy cutting-edge business solutions, maintain and upgrade applications, and efficiently migrate data to newer platforms. We have a team of enterprise application developers, designers, and application testers who are passionate about their job and love to please clients by offering scalable and robust applications.

For other IT Services, visit our website www.rigelnetworks.com